Korbana Protective Apparel was founded in 1946. Initially, Korbana Protective Apparel sold mainly linens and traditional work clothing. In 1996, as OSHA requirements were revised to include the requirement of oil field workers to wear flame resistant apparel. Led by CEO Dana Martens and veteran business manager Clif Burnette, Korbana Protective Apparel turned its main focus to the flame resistant and utility apparel industry. Korbana Protective Apparel quickly became a dominant player in the industry due to its knowledge of specific OSHA requirements of PPE, thus arising as the number one FRC provider to Alaska’s north slope and utility providers.

Today, Korbana Protective Apparel is the leader in flash fire and electric arc protection apparel solutions. Korbana continues to be the front- runner in bringing the latest technologies in safety apparel to the workforce throughout the United States and Canada. Our goal is to identify the needs and concerns of the customer and deliver the best combination of protection, comfort and value for each application. 

As one of the leaders in Flame Resistant apparel solutions, Korbana Protective Apparel continues to design new and customizable Flame Resistant programs to meet the needs of the employees and the industry.